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"Don't bring that Hippie sh!t into the boardroom..."

Why executive women are so resistant to their Chakra System and how I can help.

I'm on a Zoom call with a colleague who coaches leadership to executives. He's been in the industry for over 20 years, is well respected and excels in this space.

Alongside this, he's also coached rugby teams to win international tournaments, and easily slots into presidential roles within community and business networks.

He feels safe. He gets the job done while using his innate ability to connect, teach and support others to reach their desired goals.

Today he's wriggling in his chair a little bit. In the lead up to this conversation I knew something was coming - call it intuition or a hunch. Women are good with this kind of thing when they're "tuned in".

He's needing to share some important feedback he's received about a collaboration project we've been exploring... 

"You know Mel... I introduced you and your work to a group of executives for feedback and they all said they wouldn't come if chakras were a part of it. Especially the women ~ in fact I was really surprised at their response."

Now, I teach emotional intelligence to business owners via educating them about their energetic chakra system, and I've been a qualified and practising Psychosomatic Therapist, Face Reader and Business Strategist for over 10 years.

Can you get anymore 'woo-woo' than that?...

So believe me when I say, this is not the first time I've received a negative response to what I do ~ especially in corporate business.

But I have had a room full of construction business owners eating from the palm of my hand and leaning into my every word, as I told them I could see their personality traits, behaviours, natural gifts and what's holding them back just by looking at their face (...and it's not psychic - it's science).

Staring into the masculine energy of a boardroom head on, I've grown accustomed to, and it doesn't put me off. In fact it does the opposite...

... because it's a core indicator that there's still plenty of work for me to do.


So why are top level executives, particularly women, so resistant to exploring a different aspect of themselves and their (now scientifically proven), human energetic Chakra System that actually makes life and business easier?

  1. They can't see their Chakra System; and

  2. They love being in control.

First up, I know this because I used to be just like them. To feel accepted and strong like men, I used to replicate what men did.

I'd watch sport, wear cargo pants, drink them under the table and play them at their power games all the time.

It really was like a game to me and I loved it ~ especially when I could win them over, or prove my worth. I was like a lion on constant prowl and knew how to stay in control. 

I hated pink, the idea of being seen as a 'damsel in distress' or anything remotely floral ~ it was an instant turn off. My skin would actually crawl and I'd physically cringe at the thought of anything pink, soft and fluffy. 

In my eyes it was weak.

And I wasn't weak.

Because if I ever felt weak, I'd feel unsafe.

But I was also very uneducated, especially about what it meant to be a woman. Being a woman has nothing to do with the colour pink or flowers. Back then I had no idea about the power of energetics, the magnetism and doors of opportunity that could be created if I were to step into my feminine power. 

My juice.

Believe me when I say, when you know how to do this you'll be making waves in your industry quicker than that lion who spent weeks, months or even years waiting to catch the perfect prey.

And I get it... when you don't understand something - it's easy to dismiss it. For some, the Chakra System has the same feeling as a bouquet of pink peonies.

But it's not. 

Your Chakra System can be seen in theories such as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. In fact the colours are even the same - he's just left out two very important aspects.

The next level would be intuition and leadership (purple), and the final pinnacle would be connection to humanity (magenta) ~ your bigger purpose and legacy. In his theory it's all about the self... there's no connection to the bigger picture or humanity at large.

Maslow created his theory in 1954, in a time where patriarchy was prime and any messaging around humanity was pulled out. We're now in 2024. 70 years ago.

The world has evolved and changed... or has it?

To get a different outcome you have to do things differently {that's where I come in}.


Learning about your Charka System isn't weak. 

Nor does it mean that you've become a "Hippie". In fact quite the opposite ~ it means you've decided to learn how to work smarter, not harder... AND include the element of humanity in everything you do.

Are you ready to leave the lions den into a new conscious way of doing business?

Be Revolutionary.

Melanie Midegs Psychosomatic Therapist, Face Reader & Business Strategist.

✍🏼 Write to me - what are your thoughts? ...would you, your team or board of directors be open to a new and different perspective that's been tried and tested for over 10 years?



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