Everyone has a Story to tell...

I noticed pretty early on in life that people found it very easy to share about themselves with me... not just the everyday mundane things ~ but the things that were making their life & business messy.

Often after sharing, they would say things like "...sorry, I don't know why I just told you that?"

I would just smile, and say "It's ok."


When I look into the eyes of another human, all I see is a unique Soul finding their way in the world - no matter what is going on for them.

My work is to assist you to understand your story & to find your wings...


Melanie Midegs

International Speaker, Futurist, Sage & Business Maverick


An open letter to you...

To the healers, yoga teachers, coaches & spiritual mentors of the world;

To the addicted cubical workers who are lost and confused;

To the driven Entrepreneur who can't work out why it won't work;

To the conscious Corporate Companies who want to do the right thing;

This is for you.



The Soul Lounge with Melanie Midegs



I'm a deep human being... I can't help it. Since I was a little girl I've pondered about how the universe works & how we all fit in.

I've delved into books & teachings in hope of finding an answer to a question I'm not even sure of... I believe this world is a mysterious place & that we are here to explore.

So I talk Business, Marketing & Strategy... I almost want to say blah blah blah (oops!). No, we need this to support ourselves in our material world ~ but there is so much more.

... As well as business, I want to share with you how to go deep within yourself to know who you truly are, because for some of you ~ this is what matters. You know it is the missing link that will help you stand out & become not only magnetic, but aligned to your zone of genius & on purpose.

You know you are here to do great things.


Not everyone will be up for a spiritual awakening...

& that's cool ~ if not, I'm not the one for you.

And don't be fooled, if this is your first time at exploring inside your mind & emotions ~ trust me, I know your fear. I've walked the swamp & have the scars.

Every step was worth it.

Our planet, lifestyle & business is changing. You need firm foundations ~ but now more than ever, you need to feel connected, have confidence to back yourself & absolutely the strength to speak & act on your truth.

Thank you...

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Thank you to all of my teachers & healers, there have been so many. They include Shamans, Gurus, Guides, Mystics, Family, Friends, Lovers, Rockstars, Film Makers, Artists & Story Tellers... truth be known, the world is our teacher.

I'll never forget the day when I was 28 years old, my grandma, Omi, asked me if I wanted any of the books from her old bookshelves, as many of these were from my great-grandma, Omi-Omi. I looked over and saw rows of dusty old green, grey and blue book-spines from the 1940-50's.

"I doubt it..." I responded, but I got up to go have a look. 

And there I found complete volumes of Yoga Teachings, Breath Work, Juicing, Psychic Healing, Astrology text books & even a Face Reading book. My heart skipped a beat... I had no idea these books were here this whole time! 

As I child I had always wondered, and turns out I played right by these teachings almost every week. My work is in my blood, and I know sharing my knowledge with others is my true path.

For many years my friends and family would refer to me as a 'hippy', however I really struggled with this... because I loved the modern world too. I loved to dress up, and the finer things in life. I love beauty, good design and elegance. The world is a remarkable place.

I felt split for many years, wondering how to just be one... and I'm finding the path and walking more in the middle every day

To be a spiritually in-tune human being, doesn't mean you have to go meditate on top of a hill and remove yourself from the world you know... in some ways this is the easy spiritual path. Plonk yourself in a safe space to do your inner work, and the world does become a beautiful place.

The true art is bringing these practices and philosophies into the modern world, where the reality of our past un-conscious decisions, from un-conscious leaders are in full fruition. It is now time, & where I believe, ancient wisdom will have it's most profound effect to really change the world we live in. 

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