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Melanie Midegs

I’m a psychosomatic therapist, neuroscience and emotional intelligence expert, eastern traditions philosopher, artist and business buff. 


Oh, and I love to laugh.

I believe business success is facing a great tipping point.

The opportunity that neuroscience, psychosomatics and emotional intelligence creates will knock your socks off. Those who continue to stress and hustle will wonder what you're doing different.

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 A natural COMMUNICATOR.   In my eyes this is always top priority. From a face reading perspective - my mouth says it all... it's shape reflects my love for teaching, mentoring, writing, visual communication & speaking on stage.

Simplifying complex problems & fixing businesses is my jam.

  I've worked in BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS & HUMAN BEHAVIOUR collectively for over 35 years. 


 CAREER HIGHLIGHT:   Being invited to Johannesburg, South Africa to teach my workshops from Mahatma Gandhi's home {Satyagraha} for a select group of elite business executives & 7 figure entrepreneurs.

This unique framework & powerful methodology received extremely positive feedback from participants... it created a new perspective & deeper self awareness of how important the connection to our work truly is. Even 12 months on they're still talking about it."

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Swaddy Martin
Entrepreneur, Activist & Author 

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I travel.

An Australian based in Ubud, Bali with my two pups Max & Zara, we've been remote working for over 10 years and know all the pros & cons of online.


I happily run in person workshops & have spoken on stage in:  

  • Australia

  • Indonesia

  • Singapore

  • South Africa

  • Pacific Islands (Fiji)

Next on my wish list:  

  • Dubai

  • Hong Kong

  • United States

  • Italy (... love!)


"Are you reading my face right now?..."

 My most commonly asked question. 

Psychosomatic Therapist

& EQ for Business Specialist

 A qualified Psychosomatic Therapist for 12 years,  I graduated from the Psychosomatic Institute of Australia in 2012.  However my curiosity for how your mind, body & emotions connect started long before that in 2008.  In addition I've studied  Quantum Emotional Healing, Leadership, Business, Neuroscience & Meditation. 

 In 2014 I founded The Business Chakra System©  the business mapping tool I teach. 

After hitting my own head up against a brick wall with how to scale my business, I ran outside my humble Ubud homestay. Frustrated, hot and bothered, I looked up and asked myself the question 'What do I know really well?"

And answered: "The human energetic Chakra System"


I immediately got to work and mapped out how specific emotions, illness and physical pain are related to the 7 crucial areas of business.  Information that NO business course or strategy ever talked about: And what do you know - it worked! 


I began trialing and testing my mapping system, and sure enough - time after time: human emotion, illness and physical pain continually pointed to the exact area of business to focus on.  

 I've since worked with 100's of business owners around the globe, waking them up to the internal compass within that's showing them the way. 


I build a bridge between Eastern Philosophy & Western Business Practices.

I show you how to utilise the best of both worlds. Because the etreame of either doesn't work.

I know the power of tuning into a power bigger than yourself, and the practical strategies required to get a business off the ground and get teams working in unison.

It requires slowing down to speed up,

and there's never any time like the present.

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