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Go against the grain...

Melanie Midegs.

Psychosomatic Therapist, Artist & EQ for Business Specialist

Founder of The Institute of Entrepreneur Artistry

Creator of The Business Chakra System©

"The best thing about booking Melanie is that she is extremely responsive and cooperative, and has a topic that is very interesting. I recommend her 100%. People continue to share with me how great her talks are, and our community are excited for her next workshops. If you are going to book Melanie or are thinking of collaborating, I would say be prepared for a bigger audience."


Febry Kadek - Events & Community Coordinator, Outpost CoWorking

"Omg, I always love your emails! So engaging! I want to write like you!!!"


Isiah McKimmie - Relationship Counsellor and Sexologist

"I actually read your emails. A good sign for someone who receives 200+ emails a day.

Love your work and look forward to working through the course step by step and starting to embody the knowledge rather than just absorb it as I usually do."


Carmen Van Zyl - CEO, Marketing & Business Consultant

"Just saying the obvious to those who know {Melanie} - one of the smartest, creative most dimensional thought leaders I have met in Bali. Thank you for being in my life."


Alan Clements - Author, Artist, Activist for Political Prisoners & Dharma Teacher

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"Your biggest obstacles hold  your deepest awakenings..."

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I noticed early in life, people found it easy to share personal stories with me. At first it was confusing, I wondered why people kept confessing to me. Then I simply saw it as a gift. And it was never mundane things - it was always the messy experiences of life and business. The uncomfortable bits. I've lost count how many times I've gone out to grab some lunch and heard the line:


"... sorry, I don't know why I just told you that?"

My job is to help you sort out your mess. What type of mess? The mess that's behind the scenes of your business. Your inner world. Your physical world. The stuff that no one knows about, like when it's not working and you've landed in that  inevitable PIVOT point of cross-roads: 

  • Do you stay? Do you go?

  • How much longer can you keep pushing?

  • When will the pressure cease? 

  • What if you can't make it work?


I laugh a lot & believe that business culture needs a shake up...

Psychosomatic Therapist

& EQ for Business Specialist

I've been a qualified Psychosomatic Therapist for 10 years and I'm  different to other Business Mentor's because I care about your Emotional Wellbeing long before any business strategy. And this is the biggest issue Western Business Culture is facing - everyone wants the 'secret sauce strategy', but most are too scared or too busy to STOP and find the answer inside themselves.

This, and that $$ should never be the core intention of your work. If it is:  point blank you're heading in the wrong direction.


There's no correct way to create business success. And no third party - especially any social media platform, should EVER dictate your business activity. Yes, you can learn strategy from from others, including me - but I guarantee your ultimate way to flow will differ from anyone else's.

You don't need a new strategy. You need to learn to trust yourself again. 

I can help you do this.  


Work With Me:

Work with m

High achieving GenXish creatives: You bring spunk, life experience, variety & two-hoots of compassion with a brain into this mad world... we need you.

Private One: One 9 Week

PIVOT Mentorship Program

3 Night PIVOT Restore Retreat:

Unplug & Remember Who You Are

Online Courses: The Business Chakra System©

The Institute of Entrepreneur Artistry

Speaking & Bespoke Workshop Facilitation:

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