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Key Note Speaker...

"Just saying the obvious to those who know {Melanie} - one of the smartest, creative most dimensional thought leaders I have met in Bali. Thank you for being in my life."

Alan Clements - Author, Artist & Dharma Teacher

"The best thing about booking Melanie is that she is extremely responsive and cooperative, and has a topic that is very interesting. I recommend her 100%. People continue to share with me how great her talks are, and our community are excited for her next workshops. If you are going to book Melanie or are thinking of collaborating, I would say be prepared for a bigger audience."


Febry Kadek - Events & Community Coordinator, Outpost CoWorking

Official Short Bio:

When Melanie looks into the eyes of another human, all she see's is a unique Soul finding their way in the world - no matter what is going on for them. Originally from Australia, Melanie has been living in Bali, Indonesia for over 9 years.


She's a Psychosomatic Therapist, expert Face Reader, Artist and teaches Chakra Philosophy for Business and the Modern World, specialising in Emotional Intelligence. Melanie has read well over 700 Faces and taught 1,000's of visionaries from around the globe on how to sift through the noise of strategy, to create a business and/or legacy that is unique and in true alignment to their individuality and frequency.

Melanie is the CEO of The Institute of Entrepreneur Artistry where she has taught The Business Chakra System© since 2014. This system has created an easy and accessible bridge that links Eastern Philosophy to Western Business Practices.

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Recent Podcasts &
Interview Topics:

Face Reading for Business
Melanie loves using the Psychosomatic tool of Face Reading with Entrepreneurs, because the body doesn't lie. Face Reading sheds light on personality traits, behaviours, what is holding someone back and the area of work that comes easily to them. Reading the body will also allow deeper embodiment of Emotional Intelligence and making better business decisions that serve one's higher good.

Face Reading & Chakra Philosophy
Your Face is a summary of your body below, and each facial feature is a reflection of your Chakra System. Melanie used to get so frustrated learning about energetics, but not being able to SEE anything! That was until she learned how one's Charka System is reflected in the physical body. A complete game changer for transformation - increased confidence, decreased procrastination and movement towards living out your true purpose. 

The Business Chakra System©
Melanie founded the Business Chakra System© in 2014 in Ubud, Bali and has been teaching it ever since. Facing her own business fears and hurdles, she one day asked herself the question 'What do I know really well?', and responded with 'The Chakra System'. It was then that she ran inside her humble homestay and realised how her Psychosomatic knowledge was in complete alignment with western business strategies. Your body is a compass and will show you exactly what you need to focus on, to create a business that's in alignment and supports your humanity and sustainability first.  

Love & Sex Addiction
This is not a topic Melanie specifically teaches about, however it is the beginning of her story that lead her to Psychosomatics, being an International Face Reading Expert and creating a business and lifestyle she loves. When Melanie first briefly spoke about this topic both online and to a live audience in 2019, she was blown away with the response from listeners. Many saying 'me too' and feeling that this topic is not spoken about enough, particularly within circles of women. This is why Melanie is happy to open up this conversation and share her experiences, as it's a topic that she also believes needs more exploration and understanding.

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Recent Event
Workshop Topics:

  • {Australia - Online} PJ Ashley Creator Club - Intro to Face Reading 

  • {Bali - Private Retreat} Live Better Creatives - Team & Vision Assessment Workshops

  • {New Zealand - Online} Dr Jin Ong's Release Program - Face Reading Workshop

  • {West Africa - Online} Tounché Global Consciousness Event - Psychosomatic Masculine & Feminine Energy Process

  • {Fiji} Ultimate Girls Week Away Retreat - Face Reading & Chakra Philosophy Workshop, Love & Sex Addiction Panelist

  • {Bali} Moderns Woman's Festival - Face Reading & Chakra Philosophy Workshops

  • {Bali} Nomads for Change Festival - Psychosomatics for Powerhouse Leaders & Chakra Philosophy for Business Workshop

  • {Singapore} Chambers of Industry & Commerce - Face Reading & Chakra Philosophy for Business Seminar

  • {Singapore} Lululemon - Face Reading & Charka Philosophy for Business Team Building Training

  • (Bali} Tounché Global Consciousness Event - Love & Sex Addiction Panelist

  • {Johannesburg} Shfitwithin Executive Entrepreneurial Event - Chakra Philosophy for Business Workshop

  • {Melbourne} The Artful Business Conference - Chakra Philosophy for Business Workshop

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