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How undue pressure undermines you.

Fuck. I honestly nearly lost who I was.

Ahh… sweet liberty.

The last 9 months or so I’ve been deliberating, investigating, and talking to those in the industry about moving my psychosomatic, emotional intelligence and business strategy teachings into the corporate world. Hence my last article "Don't bring that hippie sh!t into the boardroom..."

When I first became a qualified Psychosomatic Therapist & Face Reader in 2012, I knew instantly that this was my path. It was like a bolt of lightening came down from the heavens and I just knew this was it.

There was also this internal push to share the teachings with as many people in corporate as possible.

Back then, I had no idea how or where to start doing that. And in the back of my mind I also thought to myself

“… but why would corporate ever hire me? Staff would desire to leave after they learned what I had to share.”


Post-pandemic and after years of undue pressure in many ways, I arrived at the table thinking finally it was time to move into corporate

“…it’s where all the money is.”

No doubt - if you work for yourself, you’ve probably heard that line too.

Pressure from others, including governments, corporations and industry - will make you do things you wouldn’t normally do.

🗣 In the coaching and self-development industry, a huge window of opportunity has opened as mental health and emotional intelligence have all of a sudden become hot topics and are being welcomed with open arms by corporate.

👉🏽 Can I remind you that 12 years ago this most definitely was not the case.


Do you know why there is such a cry for help in this area right now? Because of undue stress caused by governments, corporations and industry!

You nearly got me government & corporations… but no, you haven’t.

The longer you stay working for corporations (and this includes having corporate clients) - the longer you keep playing their game. If you love living life with a capped income, trying to squeeze everything in to make it work… most likely doing something you’re not extremely passionate about… be my guest.

✅ I’m here for whenever you’re ready to get out.

And btw, I actually know people who are making a fantastic living doing what they love which is driven by purpose not pure financial gain.


If you’ve already jumped out - firstly congratulations you courageous human being! My message for you is - step it up.

Long gone are the days of the struggling artist, healer or innovator… it’s an old story and sorry, but there are too many ways that you can leverage your time, wisdom and energy to uncap your income. Don’t give me the excuses about social media and the rest of it - you have way too many options at your finger tips.

👉🏽 This is a direct mindset shift that needs to happen within you… otherwise you’re still playing their game.

Small business, entrepreneurship and your creativity is actually what will turn this world around - but you have to be willing to step up to the plate and charge appropriately for what you do… AND communicate effectively about it.

If you have no idea what you’d do outside of corporate - the one thing you can do is start supporting your community and small businesses. Stop buying from large corporations.

It’s not rocket science at all 🚀 🌏✨

I very happily added the title ‘Exit from Corporate Specialist’ last night to my LinkedIn profile

… more to come and absolutely nothing has changed in the work I do - rather just flying the flag to say your financial freedom will provide you with the choices you need in the future. Working for ‘the man’ won’t.


It’s time to start focusing on your transition plan whether you’re still in or already out… 😉✨ No need to jump into the deep end hastily - but have a bigger plan in mind.

If you need help - call me xx 



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