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My Night With A Medium & A Spirit Named George

An evening with Medium, PJ Ashley.

It was now dark outside.

Through the grand doors of a private Ubud villa, the stunning and eclectic sacred space sat deep within the jungle. Filled with decadent cushions, soft lighting, a huge ornate hand painted Deity artwork on the wall, and directly opposite sat a stunning peacock chair... this is where she'd sit.

It was time to leave the material world behind in exchange for higher realms.

Have you ever sat with a Medium before?

PJ Ashley, a woman I recently met while I was in Australia, was visiting Bali. She contacted me to see if I could organise a small gathering for those who wished to hear messages from her spirit guide named George, and also provide messages from loved ones who'd passed over.​If you'd like to book a private 'Behind the Veil' session with PJ - you can do here.

I sent out a few messages to people I knew, and before you knew it, there were 12 of us gathered ready and waiting eagerly to hear what George had to say.

I've sat with a few Psychics and Mediums in my time, but I have to say PJ really blew me away with the grounded messaging and detailed information that she couldn’t have possibly known.

👉🏽 What did I ask?

I said to George that I was torn... torn between entertainment and education.

I love both, but have always felt like I’ve had to choose one or the other, and turn up a certain way especially when teaching business and on LinkedIn. The last 9 months I've been exploring different options and recently I've felt flat.

The knock-on-effect: Stagnation.

"...So what's the right path for me George?"
George: "When ever you feel like you have a hard polarity or choice, the answer isn't to pick just one - it's to rise above it and tune into your passion. Your joy is the answer. Your mind is your Manager... your heart is the CEO.”

Well!! 😃

Didn't that clear up some pesky doubt and end my mind running marathons.

Instantly I felt the right answer drop into my body.

I felt absolutely light & happy again.

By Dr Joe Dispenza

Business can be hard, because at times you'll find yourself at cross-roads - usually between your head and your heart.

No one is immune to it.

🙋🏼‍♀️ "You need to be able to seperate material world pressure from your internal world pressure. It's not about putting your head in the sand about circumstance - but being able to be at peace with the decisions that you make." - Melanie Midegs

... master this and watch your world change.

Be Revolutionary.

Melanie Midegs Face Reader, Psychosomatic Therapist & Business Strategist

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