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soul lounge sOIrée

Beware.... Melanie can see more about you than meets the eye!

Shut the office door, lay down your daily grind and put your workplace worries to rest. Inspired by her own craving for a decent night out that doesn't focus on drinking your business blues away or rehashing the latest Netflix series ... instead - how about a fun night out with depth?!


Is that possible? Sure is!

'Addicted To Winging It' is a relatable soiree show experience. Be taken on an unforgettable journey through the reality of living 9 years in Bali, entreprenuership and Melanie's favourite party trick - face reading.

Your chin so strong, your lips so lush, your nose so.... long?

What does it all mean?

Be ready to cringe, laugh and perhaps even yelp as you experience her love of experimenting with life, lovers and the material world.

Life as a under-cover angel aint always easy!

It's not a musical, or a comedy,
but stage, lights and laughter will be around.

Sprinkled with face reading & a short documentary,

spots of learning & story-telling will be found.

For the Rebels, Creatives and Freedom Seekers out there;

and those who need a moment of peace.

For the Romantics who are longing for a grin on their face; and the

Daredevils who are in no hurry to cease.

A delectable soirée that will remind you of how to live in every moment.

Audience at a Concert

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️

"This soirée will be a hoot!


Mel is a wealth of information about the Chakras and Face Reading and I personally can recommend her work. This event will not disappoint."

Katie Saint Clair, QLD


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Who's Melanie?

face reader, artist & all-round curious cat

Melanie Midegs has wow'd global audiences for 10 years with her talks and workshops on Face Reading & Chakra Philosophy for Business. She always draws a crowd and opens new doors of perspective. In 2023 she's about to do this again in a new and exciting way with her Soul Lounge Soirée.

A free-spirit with a thirst for ancient wisdom, wit and breaking all the rules.... her creativity keeps her tribe entertained and on their toes eager to learn more.

With five planets in scorpio and a fetish for velvet couches, she's a complex creature who has surrendered to a life of experimentation, examination and exploration.

Dull moments are like peacocks with no feathers. Very rarely found. 

What's a Soirée?

With French origin, a Soirée {pronounced swah-rey} literally means an evening party or gathering.


In the 18th Century the most fashionable parties were Soirée's. These small gatherings, held snug within a private residence, were attended by artistic, free-minded and inquisitive individuals. 


Music, food and tantalising philosophic conversation fed the hearts and minds of creative society {and debauchery was no doubt unwritten and unseen}.

Feature Documentary

A joint collaboration between Jacquelyn Sy & Jonathan Clark.

Discover Bali's origin, drink in the sweeping views and hear the sacred message.

Wooden House in the Forest
Screen Shot 2023-07-14 at

Melanie has lived in Ubud Bali for the last 9 years, and is excited to showcase one of the most exquisite short films (30min) from the island she's called home.

Jacquelyn Sy, is a personal friend and powerful human being doing her part to bring change to this world. Enjoy epic cinematography from Jonathan Clark as it takes your breath away. A potent collaboration with a strong message. 

Set in Ubud and Bali's four sacred mountains, together they have given Mother Nature a voice to aid in her preservation for the benefit of generations to come. This film takes you on a meditative journey into a rare glimpse of magical Bali.

Ticket Packages

Upgrade your ticket for an extra exceptional experience. Four packages to choose from.

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