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Learn 15+ Personality & Behaviour traits seen in your facial features


" of the smartest, creative, most dimensional thought leaders I have met...."

Alan Clements, Author


Lead With Frequency  ·  Be Revolutionary 


Image by Dan Freeman

Summer Program

Facilitator  ·  KEY NOTE SPEAKER  ·  Business EQ Specialist


Private Face Readings

60min quality One:One Face Reading time with me. Highly effective when you're at cross-roads, overwhelmed or facing burnout. Be reminded of your innate talents and what to focus on first. Face Readings are held online and include an audio recording.


Scaling Businesses

As your team & business grows, inevitably there will be times of PIVOT while you scale. The Business Chakra System© is a framework that works practically, strategically & parallel to the emotional & mental wellbeing of your team's vision.  Leadership retreats & workshops available. 


Online Courses

Join 500+ students in the Institute of Entrepreneur Artistry. Learn how to navigate any type of PIVOT from home. These online courses will serve you for a lifetime as it provides the tools and resources necessary to PIVOT. Learn The Business Chakra System©.


Be Wowed...

Transformation for you, your team & your company. Make the move from STRESS to HIGH FREQUENCY {coherency}.

Face Reading reveals your personality, behaviours, natural gifts {and niggling bad habits}. As a Psychosomatic Therapist, I buzz sharing this very practical business and crowd pleasing tool. It keeps conferences, events and team building not only engaging but the transformational teachings memorable.

Participants continue to come up to me years later still excited about what they learned. For over a decade I've used Face Reading to support audiences, businesses and clients to be confident in their own skin, maintain emotional wellbeing and unleash their inner tiger of creativity and ambition.

Let's Create A Unique Learning Experience Together
How do you keep your audience, team or company engaged in a world of information overload, distraction & short attention spans?

 👉🏽 Put a Face Reader in front of them.
{Trust me, it will get their attention}

99.9% of people are curious about what their face says.
I'm yet to meet a human who isn't intrigued on some level... especially when the personal insights can make their life. business, relationships & communication easier. 

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"The best thing about booking Melanie is that she's extremely responsive and cooperative, and has a topic that is very interesting.

I recommend her 100%. People continue to share with me how great her talks are, and our community are excited for her next workshops. If you are going to book Melanie or are thinking of collaborating, I would say be prepared for a bigger audience."

Febry Kadek - Events & Community Coordinator, Outpost CoWorking

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

"I highly recommend Melanie as a facilitator for your team retreat. Her approach to team building is truly transformative, impacting every member of our team on both personal and professional levels.


By investing in your team's personal and professional development, you're not only creating a happier and more fulfilled workforce but also positioning your company for sustainable growth and success in the future."


Carmen Van Zyl - CEO, Live Better Creatives

Image by Dan Freeman

Summer Program 2023/24...

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