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with Melanie Midegs

  • Identify your master skillset & business flow

  • See your blocks in behaviour that need to shift

  • Learn specific new practices for your personality type

  • Qualify your nudges & gain clarity



with Melanie Midegs

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Working from Home

"Totally loved my Face Reading today with Melanie, I'd been wanting to do this for some time, and it's true, it was exactly what I needed to help clarify some massive things in my life.


So much of it was ah-ha moments where pennies dropped and I gave myself permission to listen to the intuition that had been chattering for some time... 100% Love her work, it speaks to our truth and unique strengths...Thanks Melanie.

Mandy Williams

Entrepreneur, Australia

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I'm in Australia sitting at my city government office desk in 2011, looking out the widow and thinking to myself:


"Is this really it? If I were to put the amount of time and energy I put into my job, into what I truly love to do, what could I create?".

Next thing you know, I completed my Psychosomatic Training and dove head on first into Face Reading Profile Consultations. A flame ignited inside of me that I find hard to explain, I just knew that Face Reading was my gig (funnily enough, later on I found a book on Face Reading that my Great Grandmother had that I never knew about... perhaps it's in my blood).


I left my job and have travelled the world talking and running workshops on Face Reading & Chakra Philosophy for Business ever since.


And I never chased the opportunities, the opportunities came to me... because from the moment I started listening to my body - the relationship with myself found a new cornerstone of deep connection, and things began to shift.


To this day Face Reading Consultations still blow me away at how accurate this profiling tool is, and how it helps entrepreneurs to get clear on next steps and the direction of their life & business. 

Jump to 2021, I'm now living in Bali Indonesia, looking out the window doing what I love. I did it all by learning about my body, reading it, being in tune with it, and remembering who I was and what I am here to do.

Life is way too short to waste time confused and focused on anything other than your natural gifts. Hustle is also overrated - inspired action is where it's at... and the only way to find that, is if you know yourself well.


There is no separation between you and your business.

- Melanie Midegs, Expert Face Reader & Psychosomatic Therapist

Attentive Therapist

 Therapists, Healers, Teachers & Managers are naturals at looking after the needs of others... is it time to learn how to put yourself first?


Melanie Midegs

Entrepreneur & Psychosomatic Therapist

"It’s not everyday someone looks at your face and really sees it. Melanie was able to see me in my face and know where I have been closing myself off from me as a whole.


We discussed a lot in our session and I have been given tools to work with so that I allow all of me to shine and not be afraid to show up and be present as me. I would highly recommend that you try face reading with Melanie, you will learn a lot and feel revived after."

Tina Curran, Foreign Currency Merchant, Ireland


Personality Profiling for Entrepreneurs

Benefits of a Face Reading Profile Consultation:

While your mind can at times distort your truth, and your emotions can run ramped with these truths ~ your body cannot and will not lie. Even if you have the best poker face in the world, a Face Reading will cut through to what your zone of genius is, as well as what is holding you back from living out your dreams, legacy and purpose.


Your body is constantly giving you feed back. The body is a compass, it's continually bringing certain aspects of yourself to your attention via it's structure, pain, dis-ease and through facial features to assist you to live your true path.

  • Identify your master skillset & business flow

  • See your blocks in behaviour that need to shift

  • Learn specific new practices for your personality type

  • Qualify your nudges & gain clarity

Tropical Leaves

Over the years Melanie has been invited to speak about Face Reading on radio, podcasts, retreats, personal development & business events. She has facilitated workshops alongside Elizabeth Gilbert, Marianne Williamson & even within the very home of Mahatma Gandhi in Johannesburg, educating about the importance of understanding your body.

The connection between you mind & body, when understood, will change your life.

"... I had a face reading with Melanie & I had been waiting years for her to offer them again, so I jumped at the chance to have a session with her as soon as they became available. And oh boy it didn't disappoint.


The tips were super helpful and easy to implement. To have that validation from my face, about me, was indescribable! And definitely has made me even more mindful. 

Anyone thinking of working with Mel - do it! You will not regret it.  Her gorgeous, gentle, yet tough energy is so so beautiful to be a part of."


Julia Van Der Sluys, Author & Entrepreneur, Australia


"... I just had a Face Reading and only my energy is running high! Melanie is simply amazing at what she does.


The amount of knowledge and information she is able to provide blew me away. I had no idea one is able to know all this by looking at someones face.


I can highly recommend her. One hour and you understand yourself so much more. Its crazy and you walk away knowing what work needs to be done! Fascinating. Plus Melanie is just able to break it down and connect the dots."


Ladina Poterra, Events Manger, Switzerland


"...I had a face reading with Melanie and really enjoyed it. I had no idea what to expect before hand as I'd never had one before, but Mel clearly explained to me how it works and went through everything so I could understand.


Mel gave me some really good insight into how my face, and therefore my chakras, are relating to my business and what steps I can take to help myself move forward. It was a really great experience and I recommend anyone interested to give it a go!."


Hannah Allan, Feng Shui Expert, United Kingdom

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