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The Chakra System - What Is This Ancient Wisdom?

Perhaps you've heard your Yoga Teacher announce that you're opening your heart chakra while in a backward bend? Or your best friend told you that they went to an awesome workshop on the weekend to 'balance their chakras'? Or you keep hearing me talk about how understanding your chakra system can unlock the key to a deeper understanding of yourself?...

.... but what exactly is a chakra energy?

Well let me activate your #ThroatChakra while I provide you with a very short and succinct lesson about the mechanics of how your chakra energies work.

There once were three wise men...

... no that's the wrong story - the Chakra System has absolutely no connection to any religion at all. It does however, turn up within Hindu, Buddhism & Kundalini practices, and is commonly referred to in the context of understanding your physical, mental & emotional bodies. This is also why you will hear it mentioned from time to time in so many healing modalities, including Yoga.

The earliest teachings of the Chakra System were found in the oldest known text called 'The Vedas' which dates back to 1500-500 B.C. There is something to be said about wisdom that has been around for so long, and still used don't you think? I know that's what triggered my curiosity into learning more about it... and I haven't been disappointed.

In this ancient text it describes that you have 7 Chakra Energies that spin like a 'wheel' (In Sanskrit, Chakra means 'wheel'), and each energy lines up on top of each other along your spine. Your Chakra System looks like this:

Your 7 Chakra Energies

Each chakra energy rotates at a different vibration and has a specific role to play... and guess what? Depending on your mood, & how well you look after yourself - this will dictate how high these vibrating frequencies become.

Hmm... if you are into the 'Law of Attraction' you may be starting to see how it all fits in with the quality of life you create for yourself.

Also, each Chakra energy emanates outward from your body from the front and back, and has three sections.

The mechanics of your chakra energies

Section 1 - The Tip (Destiny)

The core tip of each chakra resides inside of you, along your spine within your 'Vagus Nerve', and then spreads out like a cone shape to the outside world. It is here that it is said that the information of your destiny lies... amazing right? BUT! it can only be accessed once you learned your life lessons (god damn it!).

This means working through your personal negativity & self-limiting beliefs... which essentially are the 'chakra blocks' you may hear people refer to from time to time.

Part 2 - The Chakra Body (Thoughts & Feelings)

This is like a cylinder reaching out from the tip and where your attitudes and thoughts swim around, as the chakra enters the outside world from your inner being. This is why it's so important to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, because guess what... every word holds a vibration (that can be scientifically measured by the way). And as Einstein proved vibration = energy.

Think of when you 'tune in' to a radio station. Or if you're not old enough to understand what I mean by that... then think about when you log onto the internet - you are 'logging in' or 'connecting' to a frequency that is emitting energy.

Part 3 - The Filter (Connection with Life Experience)

Now this is where things get interesting. The outer lip acts like a filter, reacting to what is happening in the world around you. Sounds fair enough, however this filter is based on the thoughts and emotions you are holding in the body of that Chakra energy (see part 2).

So it makes sense that if you are already giving yourself a hard time, because you aren't believing in yourself... and then events happen to you through out the day, that your reaction may be negative. The impact is profound and your vibe is going to drop and... life is going to get hard until you change the thought, belief & action.


The Chakra System is brilliant because it deconstructs life into different segments. To look at everything at once can be really overwhelming. However the Chakra System teachings allow you to look at what's going on in a systematic way.

Each Chakra relates to a different emotion, a different area of your life and a different area of your body. It's absolutely all connected and why I love teaching and working with the Chakra System so much... it actually provides you with a road map of what you need to work on first based on events that are happening in your life.

So there you have it, The Chakra System explained!

Do you have question about The Chakra System?

Let me know.

I see it as my work to share about Chakra Philosophy as much as possible, as it's important for your personal growth and development, as well as the evolution of human-kind.

You know, we are in really exciting and interesting times with the developments of new technology... however with all of that happening, it's never been so important to stay connected with yourself.



Melanie Midegs, Business Maverick & Teacher of Chakra Philosophy

An avid lover of fresh coconuts & globe trotting, you will often find Melanie Midegs in Bali, Indonesia.

Melanie is an advocate for intuitive Business & waking up those who have numbed out from the world. She is a Business Mentor, Teacher of Chakra Philosophy & Creator of The Business Chakra System.

She teaches and empowers her clients to use emotional intelligence to make better life decisions. Melanie will also help business owners to create firm foundations for themselves to then market effectively to attract new clients.

Her creativity will blow your mind, as she will help to propel your vision into reality and stand out from the crowd in an over crowded market place of online Entrepreneurs.

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