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The Day My Toe Cracked It

There is nothing more exhilarating when you’re at the top of your game and knocking items off your to-do list like a kid at a carnival who’s a pro with his sling shot.

You know that feeling… when your head is clear, you are super organised and it’s like nothing can stir your inner core. You are catching those curve balls with ease like you have eyes in the back of your head, and repelling those negative thoughts like Wonder Woman does with speeding bullets.

Pwee! pwee!

Up before the sun getting work done.

Organising the dogs - they’ve got to walk.

At the same time listening to an audio book…

Wait what did he say?

(I got distracted by the ping on my phone…)

Like an octopus I’m taking in information left, right and centre…

Thinking about what’s next.

Saying no to catchups.




Women’s Circles.

Cacao Ceremonies…

I’m in the zone.

I’m in the zone.

I’m in the zone.

… and then I get up from my desk and Booyakasha!

I kick the solid hardwood bed-leg that only multiple men could lift so hard, that if it were a soccer ball I would have scored a goal for sure.




{Insert the swear word you never say in here}.

I look down and see the middle toe on my right foot is sticking out at right angles instead of straight.

"Holy shizballs… how does that even happen?”

“I don’t have time to go to hospital!”

Standing there staring down at what I’m beginning to wonder will become a horrible scene from Aliens. My mind racing as it assesses the situation.

“There’s no blood, and you haven’t passed out…”

I bend down hesitant to touch it, but I do. It actually doesn’t hurt to touch it in amongst the profound numbness and tingling I’m still navigating.

I get a bit zealous and play with the tip when I hear it crack and kind of slot back into place.

“Whoa!…” I wish someone else saw that.

It’s either broken or dislocated…

Ok, ok, ok. Let’s get this sorted. The client I just hung up a call with is messaging me. I tell him I just broke my toe and he tells me ice and elevate.

Ice and elevate.

Ice and elevate.

Ice and elevate.

You’d think living in Bali I’d have ice in the fridge. All I have is two small fillets of salmon I was looking forward to later in the week… they’ll have to do.

I tie one salmon fillet to the front and one to the back of my foot with some random red string I find in my ‘not sure where to put this box’. It’s quite a sight... yet proud of my innovation.

With a pillows now under my foot, it’s the perfect pedestal for my frozen toe sandwich…

I lay back on my bed and take a moment to breathe.

There is only a dull pain and silence all around me.

There is nothing I can do but


It's comical as I lie there unable to move, unsure if I need to go to hospital. Just waiting in the lull before help arrives.

This is exactly what happens when I go too fast.

Something in the end stops me.

I begin to relax.


That word surrender. Being totally at ease with simply what is.

There is no where to go.

No where to be.

All that’s required is to be still and calm in this moment.

I scrap the to-do list.

I can re-schedule calls.

I’ll order delivery for dinner.

Let it all go.

As a Psychosomatic Therapist, I chuckled to myself.

The middle toe of your right foot relates to your ambition paired with your masculine energy… more doing. Your body is such a gift and will show you exactly what you need to look at whether you like it or not.

And be warned: If you don’t pick up the subtle signs to begin with - your body will give you something to slow you down that you cannot ignore.

Your Body Is A Compass: Learn How to Read Yours- Click here👇🏽

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Slow. Down.

Thankfully no trip was required to the hospital, and within 3 days I was walking on it fine. It still looks a little odd - a slight jut out to the side, but I use it as a reminder to keep me centred and on track… with ease. Ambition with ease truly is an art I’m still mastering.

There is no race… only the facade in our head.

Time most certainly is an illusion.

May you all go forth within your busy days with ease.

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Psychosomatic Therapist & EQ Business Specialist, Melanie Midegs has a gift for understand who you are, just by looking at your face. Her mission in life is to transmute the mundane and confused into a world of endless possibilities.

Melanie uses her therapeutic training, wisdom and experience to assist Entrepreneurs & Corporate Executives to PIVOT when they find themselves at cross-roads, by teaching them emotional intelligence, how to create stronger boundaries and remembering who they really are.

Her creativity will blow your mind, as she will help to propel your vision into reality and stand out from the crowd in an crowded market place. Follow Melanie on Telegram



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