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Shilajit - More Valuable Than GOLD

Shit… I just did it again. Almost burnt my breakfast because I became too engrossed in learning about things. I made a rule just recently that I’m no longer allowed to cook while working. Inevitably no matter how hard I try to remember - the routine right now is by the smell of something burning is how I remember I have a pot on the stove. This morning’s disaster - oats, chia, quinoa and flaxseeds with almond milk.

Breakfast of champions. Well it was.

Anyway, I’m into this new extract, superfood, supplement… one could even call it plant medicine called ‘Shilajit’.


It rolls off the tongue quite nicely don’t you think?

“Hey mate, had your Shilajit this morning?”

… well yes, yes I have.

It all started with Shilajit chocolate truffles.

There is an awesome Ayurvedic Indonesian fusion restaurant in town call Usada. After having a number of health issues over the past year which qualified Ayurvedic Practitioners helped me with (I’m not qualified in Ayurvedic medicine, and anything you read here is simply my thoughts and experiences), Usada has become a regular go-to for me.

I noticed after I would devour one of their epic small snowball or large hailstone sized works of chocolate truffle genius, that I would feel SO GOOD. The energy around my eyes would clear up, I’d feel a zing within my core internally, and all of a sudden the predicament that lead me to the desire for chocolate in the first place felt doable.

Then another cafe in town, Kafe, started selling Shilajit Elixir’s. A latte drink that had the potent ingredient of Shiliajit in amongst cacao and other powders of goodness that would set my mind, body and spirit alight.

Better than any bullet-proof coffee I’ve ever had.

So what is this Shilajit, and why do I feel it’s more valuable than gold?

Well firstly, you can’t eat gold.

Try as hard as you can, but when all else fails and you have rocks to move with only a slab of gold in your back pocket. Your teeth will break and your stomach may not enjoy digesting this yellow precious metal.

Shilajit on the other hand will give you superhuman powers and you’ll be moving boulders with your eyes closed.

It must be true. It says it on the box.

No, really - I would actually totally agree with this claim.

Shilajit is a mineral derived from plants only found in a few places around the world. I get the gist that mountains are a must. It can be found in the Himalayas, Karakoram (I have to look that place up), Nepal, Bhutan, Russia, Iran, Mongolia and southern Peru.

You can get it in powder form, but I’ve taken it up a notch and gone for the black tar that looks like a resin variety. And it will cost you a pretty penny - 30g set me back about AUD$100.

See, I think it’s gold. I’ve never paid that much for 30g of anything.

There are a number of benefits to this wonder tar, but the reason I decided to give it a shot was that my work load right now is super high. In fact it’s doubled since the first quarter of the year… and I know that if I don’t look after myself during this PIVOT point for me ~ there is every possibility that it could all come crashing down.

I’m not into burn out.

Been there, done that and it’s not fun.

Shilajit is now my best friend.

It was becoming a bit ridiculous the number of Shilajit truffles and elixirs I was consuming, so I decided to start making my own Shilajit Lattes at home.

And they are rockin’ my world.

Within two days it was like time expanded.

I’m not even kidding.

My whole adrenal and nervous system is so calm in what would normally be a heightened cortisol and adrenal party, that my mind at times has literally stopped and thought "What the hell is going on?".

I do feel super human!

Yes there is plenty to keep me entertained, sometimes chaotic, but at my core I’m as solid as a rock and gliding through it all with ease. Even a friend who I caught up with last night for a jaunt amongst the rice fields said “Look at you, you’re gliding with grace and here I am power walking and running at a million miles an hour.”

She’s not even running a business.

One thing I teach as a Psychosomatic Therapist, and that is imperative for you to make sound decisions that actually serve you, your purpose and the life you want to create - is that you need to take care of your nervous system.

You'll learn all about your nervous system & Base Chakra here👇🏽

When You Know Something Needs To Change PIVOT Self-Study - reboot your direction in life and business. "... like a Life Line for the Solo Entrepreneur."

When your nerves are having a party it means that you are actually in a fight or flight state. Quick decisions can very quickly create quick disasters even a long way down the track.

Look after your Base Chakra Energy.

To be calm, cool and collected, even when you have a to-do list that’s wildly long and you’re wondering if you’ll ever make it, Shilajit will be your absolute ally through it all.

Shilajit… get into it.

The Business Chakra System is designed to help you make better business decisions.

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