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Invisible In The Eyes of Entertainment - A True Story

Being a Temp can be rewarding work. It means you are on a list of Super Heroine and Hero's with recruitment agencies. When the phone rings, you’ve got be ready to dive into someone’s shoes and ‘Save The Day’ when a manager is freaking out because a staff member has called in sick or gone on holiday.

It’s a bit like a choose your own adventure - every day you never know what you are going to get.

It can be exciting, interesting and full of variety. On the flip side it also can be nail bitingly stressful when you are sitting by the phone waiting for a call.

Arriving back in Sydney after enjoying two years backpacking around Europe. I was finding my feet, looking for work and ticked the box next to available for temp.

In amongst the mundane, one day I got a call many dream of:

I was to work at a glossy magazine and TV show! Part of my job in amongst very random and ad-hoc duties was to respond to fan-mail to one of the stars.

How cool!

All of a sudden I felt like life was beautiful again.

Actually more than beautiful. It had become glamorous and exciting, I mean this was hanging out with some of Australia’s best magazines and tv shows!

When the adrenaline of the situation wore off, I instantly became nervous. What was I going to wear? Do I really belong there? Will people even like me?

To say I was going through a slight identity crisis at the time would be an understatement. Already my confidence was being knocked around a bit, simply by me.

The Devil Wears Prada was yet to be filmed, but I draw many parallels from the main character Andrea (Andie). Thankfully no one was dumping their coat and bag on my desk every morning. However some days I wondered why I was actually there.

I'd be sitting there twiddling my thumbs...

I’d be sitting there twiddling my thumbs, when out of nowhere a frantic member of staff would come up to me in a ‘I’m in television, who are you?’ kind of attitude and ask me to do something without enough information - leaving me to figure it out.

But I got by.

I was included in team meetings… but not. I remember one day we all hustled into the large boardroom although there weren’t enough chairs - so I was invited to sit on the floor.


Still in my ‘go with the flow’ backpacker type persona, I sat there happily and even contributed to the meeting from the depths of blue grey carpet below.

We were discussing ideas for the next series of shows, when I had a great idea! I remember deliberating on whether to share it, but something in me said give it a shot.

I nervously raised my hand like I was at school again when the producer stopped what he was saying and looked down at me…


The room when silent.

All of a sudden I wondered why I had put my hand up. I took a deep breath and burled out my idea as quickly as I could. I had yet to learn the art of pitching.

The room was still silent.

“Hmm…” he said while switching his focus back to someone else in the room where the conversation carried on.

I felt a bit stupid. Actually a lot stupid. But also annoyed.

It was a really good idea.

One of the things about being a temp is that you can end up in roles that you could do with your eyes closed and the people around you have no idea of your true skillset, creative gifts or talent you bring to the world.

You are judged by the shoes you are filling, rather than the person you really are.

It can leave you feeling pretty invisible.

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15 years later I’m running my own business and how the tables have turned.

I’ve had people come up to me in the street to say hi, excited to let me know that they follow me online. I’ve never really felt comfortable with it, and I know I have been dismissive at times because of it.

There is plenty of ego around when it comes to fame and I’ve learned that being dismissive is not the right way.

Everyone deserves to be seen.

No matter if you are a high-flying super star, the rice-paddy farmer down the road or that person you think is acting a little awkward.

Everyone has their story, and are doing their best to make their way in the world.

Acknowledge the people around you, and remember most of all to always be you.


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