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I've Fired Facebook & Instagram

I deleted Facebook & Instagram off my phone last week... and I'm no longer putting focused time or energy into these social media platforms.

"That's a bold move..." a friend and fellow business owner wrote to me today. She then followed up with "... I could really let got of it, but Facebook is going to be much harder for me. How do you plan to connect with people moving forward? Like new people? Or does that not feel necessary?".

🌴 It was around November last year...

The mood was pretty grim as I sat on my villa rooftop looking out across Bali rice fields towards far away mountains. The freedom lifestyle didn't feel so free anymore. Boarders were closed, Ubud was a ghost town and the rug had been pulled from under me.


No live events for months, no travel, and I was having huge issues with Indonesia's Immigration and Australia's Tax Office. I was absolutely exhausted, technically a fugitive (that's no joke - but a story for another time), and absolutely over playing the game that Facebook and Instagram continued to dictate with algorithms just to survive.

My business didn't have $thousands to spend on FB or IG advertising (ask anyone who's ever had any real success - that's really what's required).

I felt like a puppet to it all... all I wanted to do is teach and help people.

Instead I felt like I had to perform (Actress - Heart Charka Behaviour Archetype) to simply get a post in the door.

The seed to get out was well and truly planted - but I didn't know how... yet.

Funny how greed and control never wins.

At some point it crumbles... you've gone too far this time Mark Zuckerberg.

I'm an professional observer - that's what I do for my work. I'm a Face Reader, Psychosomatic Therapist and I teach Chakra Philosophy for Business - which at its core, is all about Emotional Intelligence & Behaviour Awareness.

Have you become a puppet?

It really concerns me (and btw, I have done this plenty myself), the number of grown adult, mature women and men who have learned to dance and prance (literally), around on Facebook and Instagram with filters of gold love hearts and pink stars all over their face in the belief that more of this will bring them business.

With each app upgrade, a new set of rules of how to get your posts seen.

And now the apparent utopia 'Metaverse' about to fall in our laps.

At what point do you ask yourself - what the f*ck am I doing?

I left the 9-5 to create a business that helps people... instead I'd become addicted to marketing behaviours that took me way off track from what I know, love and want to create from a business and conscious growth perspective.

Facebook did serve my business well in 2015 & 2016.

But it's changed a lot, and has been a slow battle ever since.

Until now.

Now you CAN & THERE ARE OPTIONS to transition out and get your life, money, time, business and sanity back. There are ways to do business online differently that will still support you without having to keep making a song and dance about it.

In this week's Business Chakra Meet-up I will share with you my transition strategy as we focus on Business Heart Chakra Energy - Promotion.

60min Zoom MeetUp Call Pay As You Can or FREE (suggested payment US$2, $5 or $10) "... like a Life Line for the Solo Entrepreneur."

I didn't get to where I am today by following the crowd...

Keep your eyes open and always be on the look out for doors of opportunity. ESPECIALLY when looking at the bigger picture. How are your behaviours influencing younger generations? Technology isn't leaving us any time soon - the complacent who continue to conform will find life very difficult down the track.

Now is a perfect opportunity to create a new path for you and your business... there are SO many ways.

The Business Chakra System is designed to help you make better business decisions.

Follow my NEW TELEGRAM CHANNEL (it's not a group) And guess what? If you follow... you won't miss anything! Hallelujah to no fluff and no algorithms - simply quality free content when you need it.


Thought Leader, Expert of Emotional Intelligence, Psychosomatics, the Chakra System & founder of The Business Chakra System Philosophy, Melanie Midegs is an Entrepreneur who is fascinated by the new era of Artificial Intelligence and how this will impact humanity.

Melanie uses her therapeutic training, wisdom and experience to assist Entrepreneurs & Corporate Executives to PIVOT when they find themselves at cross-roads, by teaching them how to stay connected to who they are, and make better business decisions that honour who they are and their gifts.

Her creativity will blow your mind, as she will help to propel your vision into reality and stand out from the crowd in an crowded market place. Follow Melanie on Telegram

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