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Family Dysfunction, Addiction & Your Base Chakra Energy

Do you ever wonder why some people always land on their feet and succeed, while others continually struggle to even leave the starting blocks? Your family history can hold the answer. DNA does not discriminate between healthy and unhealthy life experiences... and this is why family patterns can continue to play out through generations, even though environmental circumstances are no longer the same.

Can you see a pattern in your life that is similar to 1, 2 or 3 generations before you? If so, do you know how to break the cycle and cut the ties to your Grandma's or Grandad's experiences?

  • Fleeing their country because of war or unrest

  • Unable to support themselves & being poor

  • Alcoholism or other addictions

  • Trauma such as sexual abuse or domestic violence

It may be that you are still feeling the effects of emotional trauma from generations before you, and science is now proving this to be true.

Particularly if you are confused as to why you can't get things going in the right direction, it may be that there is a discord of feeling truly safe and supported within yourself on a cellular level. Without this feeling it is very difficult to create the life and opportunities that you truly desire. (Read more below).

This won't happen for everyone, and there tends to be a split for generations after such trauma. There will be either a strong determination to never experience what their parents or grandparents did (profound mindset shift), or unbeknown to them and without awareness, they fall into same behaviour patterns.

The belief patterns and behaviours related to the trauma list above, will be found in your Base Chakra Energy. You can learn more about the mechanics of your Chakra Energies here.

Your Base Chakra energy is a reflection of your relationship dynamic with family, community and how you feel supported within yourself. It's about feeling safe and energised by your environment, the people and circumstances around you.

The 3 Emotional Indicators that will unsettle your Base Chakra are:

  • Fear

  • Overwhelm, and

  • Anxiety

One way to understand if you are carrying these emotions from past generations is to ask yourself: "If when I am feeling fear, overwhelm or anxiety... am I in acute danger?"

If the answer is no, and you are feeling these emotions, it may be time to look closer at your perception and behaviours towards what is happening around you.

My personal belief is that it's not necessary to spend years in therapy, which has been the 'past norm' to create personal emotional shifts. From becoming aware, and connecting the dots, half the work is done. Then it's a matter of being open and working on changing your mind and perception.

I love that world mindset leaders such as Marisa Peer, are advocating to the health industry & psychologists, that patients having to work with therapists for years on end to experience a shift in their reality, really is a thing of the past.

Case Study:

A client of mine is 46 years old, she is married with a son, and they have two dogs. She doesn't enjoy her job and is wondering about how she can create a business for herself, as she knows she has at least another 20 good years of working to go.
Money is flowing yet it still comes up as an issue between her and her husband, and no matter what she does - she never seems to be able to make time to do the thing she loves the most, which is creating art.
She was brought up by a single mum, and her grandfather became an alcoholic as a result of his time spent going to war. Her dad would also tell her when she was young, that working on art was a waste of time.
Her tendency is to feel like she has to do everything on her own, and also feels like she 'wears the pants' in her relationship.

This is a common story theme I have heard from many women that I've worked with, & it's no wonder that there has been a rise in cases of depression and severe stress. If you:

  • Aren't able to follow your purpose

  • Continuously feel like you have to do everything on your own, and

  • Don't feel able to focus on what you are good at & what gives you pleasure

...why would you be happy?

Even though my client is not dealing with any acute danger in her environment, and she is a capable adult who can make her own decisions - her behaviours are still reflecting an impact from the emotional experiences of generations before her.

She has never allowed herself to feel fully supported to earn a good living from her art & graphic design work (even though this is completely possible in this day and age), and 12 months ago she ended up having a nervous breakdown because of the stress from a job she didn't enjoy.

...Well that was the reason on a surface level. What may have actually occurred here, was the consistent and underlying emotions of fear, overwhelm and anxiety taking over and her body finally said no to operating in this flight or fight mode anymore.

Even though your body is resilient - there will come a time where it will say, enough is enough (and why I believe your body is a compass). Being in a flight or fight mode, is a biological reaction that's only meant to be called on from time to time when you are in acute scenarios of danger. It's not meant to be lived with consistently and on an every day basis.

The first steps we are working on to activate her Base Chakra in a positive way:

Actions will vary on a case by case basis, however here are some ideas for you, if you are resonating with this story.

  • Decluttering her home and creating a sacred space to do her artwork (supportive environment = happy Base Chakra)

  • Scheduling time in her calendar for art work (that which you focus on grows - create structure for your desires)

  • Setting up new systems to track her money (the Base Chakra LOVES organisation as apposed to chaos... and you need money to support you)

  • Changing her usual route she walks to work (this will cause disruption to her current thought patterns & beliefs).

Two things your Base Chakra thrives on is nurturing and organisation. To feel organised will provide you with a sense of calm and stability. It will also increase your feeling of responsibility and capability. Feeling that warm and cosy feeling of being at home is nurturing... you can relax, 'let your guard down' and be yourself - this can be very hard to do when there is clutter everywhere. How does your home environment feel for you at the moment? Is it supporting your desires?

Of course, if stress and anxiety are getting the better of you, please seek professional assistance. Always ask questions, and be comfortable before engaging with the processes of practitioners to help you overcome your road blocks or to release trauma.

However, also know that by understanding your Chakra System, you can unlock a deeper understanding of yourself and create a new perspective that truly supports your future desires.



An avid lover of fresh coconuts & globe trotting, you will often find Melanie Midegs in Bali, Indonesia.

Melanie is an advocate for intuitive Business & waking up those who have numbed out from the world. She is a Business Mentor, Teacher of Chakra Philosophy & Creator of The Business Chakra System.

She teaches and empowers her clients to use emotional intelligence to make better life decisions. Melanie will also help business owners to create firm foundations for themselves to then market effectively to attract new clients.

Her creativity will blow your mind, as she will help to propel your vision into reality and stand out from the crowd in an over crowded market place of online Entrepreneurs.



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