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Ears & Your Throat Chakra

Your body is so intuitive... your ears are such a small part of your body, but provide you with so much.

Appreciate them.

In Face Reading and Psychosomatics they relate to your Throat Chakra ~ which makes sense as they are such in important instrument of how we communicate.

To be truly heard can mean so much to an individual.

The power to listen, to be present and not running ahead to fix something for someone, is a true art form.

In Face Reading I look at whether your ears are pinned back or sticking out and brought forward... the position themselves will share a lot about your childhood and current listening tendencies:

Were you ‘Seen but not heard’?; or

Were you always looking out for ‘danger’ so you could prepare yourself for what ever situation could play out in front of you?....

These types of experiences will effect the way you communicate as an adult ~ just check out my latest video on Youtube about head tilting when listening (or you can read more about your ears here).

Learning about your ears can help you to understand why you may be better at communicating in ‘business’ than in your ‘personal life’. And why people pleaser tendencies play out, or the opposite of emotional detachment.

As with anything, balance is going to help you move ahead in life & business... it’s the yin and yang to life.

But how do you know what your current balance is?

When you are in it, it can be hard to see... that’s where I come in

There are two ways to start better understanding where you are at:

A written report where I work with a photo you send to me. I analyse your photo and provide you with the balance between your masculine and feminine energies, and what you can do to start balancing them out.

2. 60min Face Reading Consultation

A one:one consultation online where together we look at each feature of your face and the strengths, behaviours and blocks they are presenting currently for you... AND right now you also get the Face Split Analysis Report as a gift!

Not ready yet, but have a burning questions about your body and how it is connected to your business, energy and Chakra system?

... feel free to contact me ~ I’d love to hear from you and really enjoy sharing insights each week.

Your body is such a compass when you know how to listen to it.


Thought Leader, Expert of Emotional Intelligence, Psychosomatics, the Chakra System & founder of The Business Chakra System Philosophy, Melanie Midegs is an Entrepreneur who is fascinated by the new era of Artificial Intelligence and how this will impact humanity.

Melanie uses her therapeutic training, wisdom and experience to assist Entrepreneurs & Corporate Executives to navigate periods of transition and business growth by teaching them how to stay connected to who they are, and make better business decisions that honour their gifts.

Her creativity will blow your mind, as she will help to propel your vision into reality and stand out from the crowd in an crowded market place.


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