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Is Artificial Intelligence the Answer to Humankind's Soul Sickness?

The AI revolution will force you to look at yourself deeply - because when what you do can be replaced by a robot, what will you do to support yourself?

Bill Gates suggests that some will be ushered into other areas of work such as elderly care, teaching and support of special needs children. I don't know about you, but I can't imagine too many life long farmers or taxi drivers necessarily seeing this as an exciting and enticing option.

Still confused or not sure what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all about? Dr Joelle Pineau sums it up nicely in about 2mins. However in a nutshell, it's where computers and robots are programmed to make decisions based on complex environmental circumstance, like we humans do every day.

This is a time where individuality, human intelligence & creativity will be making its mark on the world.

I'm exited about this new era of AI, and here's why - because this is the shake up that humankind needs. When robots start automating tasks that you spend so much time doing, it means your time will be freed up to explore why you are really here.

Why do you think there has been such a rise in stress, anxiety & depression over the last decade?

Jason Silva describes depression as a Soul Sickness and goes on to say it was the leading fatal illness recorded by United Nations, with 800,000 suicides in 2017. This number exceeded deaths from world natural disasters and armed conflict.

Why is this stat so important? Because it's a direct reflection that our world is evolving and what used to make you happy, or what you thought would make you happy... is no longer true.

George Murdoch's 'Nuclear Family' theory which had a huge ripple effect globally within western society during the 1950's and provided a huge sense of purpose for individuals, is now simply lacking depth and meaning. And for many this ideology has not worked out well. What it's lead to is high expectations, broken hearts and personal decision making based on societal values rather than yours, the individual.

Alongside depression comes addiction.

Addiction is the act of consuming something from the outside world to fill you up because you are incapable of feeling good from the inside out. In Chakra Philosophy, addiction is directly related to your Sacral Chakra energy that teaches you how to feel good in a positive way and is related to your creativity, sensuality, abundance, wellbeing and living an excited and pleasurable existence with purpose.

This is why I'm excited about AI. It will push you to start a personal enquiry that requires quality questions to find quality and sustainable answers.

Every human being exists on this planet for a reason, and that reason isn't for you to feel like you are running on the 'Modern Factory Worker' treadmill.

When it comes to living with purpose and connection the philosophers of the Eastern World have mastered this, and you can learn so much from them. In fact you need to as we move into this new AI era. A world of technology can only progress and work well if we also live in a world that includes inner human connection.

This is where Eastern Philosophies and the Western World collide. It's now time to work together.

The Chakra System was founded in 1500 - 500 B.C. in India, and it's wisdom is the key to unfolding your true path and being able to obtain inner happiness. And to be very transparent here, I'm not one to advocate that you must feel happy all the time. Far from it, as I believe that as human beings your emotions are your compass, and this allows you to know what's right and wrong for you.

Robots will never have this ability, nor will they have the ability to bring a unique and human personality to the world.

To be honest when you start 'Soul searching' you are taking on the hero's journey. There are highs and there are lows... however the willingness to explore this path will ensure that in a world full of chaos, demands, addiction, dis-ease and technology advancements, you are able to stay connected to who you are and how you feel.

Your ability to be emotionally intelligent, creative and innovative will become your biggest asset. And everyone has the capability to do this.

You may be thinking, "Yes, that's all well and good... but I'll be fine. It will be ages before AI will have an impact on my livelihood". Melanie Mitchell touches on the realities of developing AI technology, and says there is still a long way to go.

But be careful of complacency.

Already we have self-serve supermarket and department store check outs. How many employees are no longer needed in those companies now?

I was in Singapore recently chatting to my taxi driver who told me they now have robotic nurses in hospitals. Looking back I'm grateful for the conversation because soon enough there will be self-drive cars on the road which will leave me talking to myself, and in fact already in some cities your pizza can be delivered straight to your door via robot.

On the TEDxMachester stage, Volker Hirsch describes how currently AI has the potential to replace 400million jobs, and this will be happening on a grand scale over the next 10-20 years.

This statement isn't meant to put fear into you. What I'm encouraging you to do is wake up and start exploring who you are and understanding yourself on a deeper level. Become inquisitive, start exploring what your Chakra System is all about and connecting with your natural gifts and divine purpose.

Don't wait until you are pushed into a corner where life feels like the carpet has been taken out from under your feet.

AI and technology are allowing you to make different choices that work for you. It's allowing you to create a freedom lifestyle you love. Providing the time to explore your creative self, and make a living from what you are naturally interested in rather than being a emotionless cog in a very large system, that quite frankly, can do it on it's own and probably a lot better than all of us anyway.

Create and be you.



Thought Leader, Expert of Emotional Intelligence & Teacher of Chakra Philosophy for Business & the Modern World, Melanie Midegs is a trained Psychosomatic Therapist and Entrepreneur who is fascinated by the new era of Artificial Intelligence and how this will impact humanity.

Melanie uses Chakra Philosophy to assist Entrepreneurs & Corporate Executives to navigate periods of transition, teaching them how to stay connected and make better decisions for themselves.

Her creativity will blow your mind, as she will help to propel your vision into reality and stand out from the crowd in an crowded market place.



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