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  • Melanie Midegs

Business Chakras - Why They Are Important For Your Success

In a world where coaches and business mentors are promising to help you make a profit or show you the exact way to roll out a launch, sell your book, attract new clients or fill your programs. I feel this type of messaging is a little misconstrued. What I believe they can do for you is show you what they've done, and the success they have experienced when:

  • The communication was right

  • The timing & circumstance was completely divine

  • They had made plenty of their own f*ups along the way

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this - because remember we are all learning and wanting to help each other. The above is basically the formula to find the sweet spot of success for your business. It is also why even the most calculated strategy can still have a mediocre result, because at the end of the day, the energy and clarity behind the campaign is what matters.

How many times have you heard the stories of people investing thousands of dollars into coaching (me included), and not experiencing the results they were after. It's not because the coach was no good (however, please please, pleeeaaassse do your homework and ask questions before investing - *A handy tip... A good business coach will ask you about your Business Chakra Foundations before you begin: who is your ideal customer?, what are your products & services?, what are your goals? and how do you plan to make it happen? etc. to understand how they can help you. If they don't - move right along.)

The reasons the results didn't happen may be because you actually weren't ready...

There is no separation between you and your business, and this is why the Business Chakra System will help you to find the gaps and work on priming your personal energy, as well as your business energy.

You see, if you are

  • Lacking in personal confidence

  • Not clear on what your products and services are

  • Lacking in motivation and finding momentum

  • Feeling like you're putting on a 'persona' for your business (not intentionally, but it's happening)

  • Finding it difficult to communicate in either written format or verbally

  • Feel all 'salesy' when you want to share with others

  • Finding it difficult to not sound so factual & corporate with your business communication

... we've got work to do!

A successful entrepreneur will be feeling this way about themselves:

  1. Have a strong value around money and feel supported - both within themselves and by their community. (Ignited Base Chakra)

  2. Be absolutely ok to express themselves in a way that suits them and they have fun doing it. (Ignited Sacral Chakra)

  3. Feel confident with their work - of course some nerves will kick in every now and then, however ultimately they know they are on path and that they are working within their zone of genius. What others are doing doesn't come into the mix, and they love to push the boundaries of what's possible. (Ignited Solar Plexus)

  4. They understand how to sell themselves, talk about what they do and feel good while they are doing it. (Ignited Heart Chakra)

  5. There have connected to a much bigger why behind their business, rather than it being about just about them. (Ignited Throat Chakra)

  6. When they make business decisions they learn from others and then listen to themselves for the right answer. (Ignited Brow Chakra)

  7. Forecasting, budgeting & planning for the future does matter in their world, especially for progress towards their vision to be made. (Ignited Crown Chakra)

Strategies will come and go, however:

Your ability to stay connected within & feel empowered is the

#1 strategy that WILL remain the same.

So while everyone is telling you what to do and how to do it, make sure you take time out regularly to do the inner work that's required to stay connected.

You may be noticing that business has never actually been about just 'selling a product'. Rather, it's been about connecting to the emotions of your audience and sharing with them how you understand them first and foremost, and then how you can help them.

The deeper you can connect to your personal chakra energies, the deeper and more powerful you will be able to connect with your tribe on an emotional level, and you'll be able to really ignite your business chakra system. Start to explore, there is always more to learn and a new unfolding to occur for you - no matter where you are on the business success ladder.

Enjoy the journey! Big love,

Melanie xo

*Your investment will increase to USD$495 on 1 June 2018


An avid lover of fresh coconuts & globe trotting, you will often find Melanie Midegs in Bali, Indonesia.

Melanie mentors private clients , helps with websites & branding and runs Program Ignition ~ The Business Chakra System, for upcoming entrepreneurs to step into their power as Change Makers & Thought Leaders.

Her creativity will blow your mind, as she will help to propel your vision into reality and stand out from the crowd in the online space.

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