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Top 5 GIF Responses To My Face Reading

The first offering I had as a Business Owner was Face Reading back in 2012. Your Face simply does not lie... and can shed so much light on how you can create more ease & happiness into your life.

But the gift of being able to read faces has caused some strange reactions from people!

The first two responses I usually have are either:

1) The Eager Beaver 'Really?! What does my face say?? Tell me, tell me, tell me!' while moving their face inward towards mine as if going in for a kiss... !

2) The Get-Me-Outta-Here Hider

Hands immediately cover their face and they plea... 'Please don't read my face!' (Btw, I don't automatically start reading your face when I meet you... you're safe with me 😉).

....and then there is:

3) The Hesitant

I will never forget the day a psychologist visited my market stall. After I had answered ALL of her questions she laughed the loudest, most fake laugh I have ever heard, and then announced to the world 'Oh darling... there is absolutely nothing I need to look at within myself!'.  Eeeik! It reminded me of a 1950's 'house wife' where everything is 'peachy'... but really - is it??  I never force my work onto anyone, and I really hope she has found her way.

4) The Trickster

Then there was the old man who came to my stall about 3 times and he was tough... he kept badgering me, trying to get a rise out of me. I just stayed calm, answering his questions and not reacting how he wanted me too. On his 4th return he said 'Let's do this'

It was pretty intimidating... but I kept my centre and did the reading. 

At the end he told me he had a glass eye! I thought, 'You little bugger!'... but at the same time he was really impressed, and this proved to me how powerful the work is. Nothing like the feeling of someone who's purposely out to 'trick' you, and seeing their intention not work.

4) and finally... The Dater

"Can you check this guy/girl out for me? Is he/she ok, or should I not bother with them?"  Ahhh.... wrong question!

I never Face Read without someones permission. I've even been told a number of times that I should create an app! (Personal disclaimer: I admit, I do use Face Reading for my own dating purposes - but this is totally different! lol...).

There is no separation between you & your outer world. What's really going on inside of you, will be reflected to the outside world... and one of those ways is through the features of your face.

After reading over 500 Faces (I've lost count now), I've seen it all and I've experienced plenty! But one thing I know for sure... if a complete stranger can sit down in front of me and say not a word, and leave after 60mins feeling like they have been really seen for who they are for first time ever - I know my work is done.



Futurist | Speaker | Conscious Leadership

An avid lover of fresh coconuts & globe trotting, you will often find Melanie Midegs in Bali, Indonesia.

Melanie is an advocate for intuitive Business & waking up those who have numbed out from the world. She is a Business Mentor, Teacher of Chakra Philosophy & Creator of The Business Chakra System.

She teaches and empowers her clients to use emotional intelligence to make better life decisions. Melanie will also help business owners to create firm foundations for themselves to then market effectively to attract new clients.

Her creativity will blow your mind, as she will help to propel your vision into reality and stand out from the crowd in an over crowded market place of online Entrepreneurs.



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