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Changed My Life...

In 2012 I walked into my first of many Psychosomatic Trainings, nervous and excited. Not sure what to expect, yet somehow knowing this was going to be a game changer.

After a history of addiction, terrible relationships, a dedicated hard worker, yet truly never satisfied, mixed with a strong desire to travel... I was 33, in lots of debt and tired of living without meaning.


Going to the pub after work no longer excited me, talking about last nights episode of MasterChef made me gag, and working my ass off for someone else in a way that I didn't feel connected to, just to make money to keep up the act, no longer cut it.


I was lost and deeply unhappy.


In 2019, I now run my own business, living a creative life I love, currently from Bali Indonesia, and all aspects of my life have changed for the better.


Melanie Midegs

Psychosomatic Therapist & Mentor


What is Psychosomatic Therapy?


I remember working part-time as a Remedial Massage Therapist before leaving the corporate world, and while working with clients I used to think to myself 'There has got to be more to the body than just muscle, tissue and limbs?...'

And sure enough, the answer eventually came through. At the time I was experiencing high levels of anxiety & general un-happiness that I couldn't seem to nudge. I was recommend to a Psychosomatic Therapist by a good friend, and it was from these sessions that my world truly began to change... and eventually led me to becoming a Psychosomatic Therapist myself.

Initially I was working in a clinic situation, however this wasn't the dream I had longed for. I wanted to have an online business, that would allow me to travel, and I truly wanted to share this knowledge with the corporate world... because it was the tool and framework that woke me up from a robotic & 'un-conscious' way of operating, and showed me where my true zone of genius lay. 

From that decision, in a matter of months I packed everything up and took off overseas. Ever since I have been working with Entrepreneurs online, face to face & Corporate Leaders from around the globe, sharing this wisdom & knowledge.

Psychosomatic Therapy is the art of reading the body to understand the inner emotional wellbeing of a persons Psyche (mind) & Soma (body).

Every part of your body can be read (bone structure, muscle & tissue) to understand unique strengths, weaknesses & zones of genius. And to make this process even easier, your whole body can be seen in your face ~ which is why Face Reading is such a powerful tool I use to teach groups about Emotional Intelligence, and work with individuals.

This is Hermann Müller (12.6.1936 - 12.12.2017), founder of the Psychosomatic Therapy College in Australia, and who has taught teachers all around the world. I was lucky enough to study with Hermann multiple times during 2012/13, and to Face Read by his side at many events. 


It was his vision for his work to enter the corporate sector, and I'm so pleased and honoured that I've been able to start sharing his work in this way. The college is still running and supporting Hermann's legacy.

Chakra Philosophy

What is Chakra Philosophy?

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Soul Lounge Meetups




This is where Psychosomatic Therapy connected the missing dots for me. Your body's physical form, your emotions, behaviour, even daily events and your relationships are all a reflection of your Chakra energies. 


When I learned that each Chakra energy flow could be seen in all of these areas - especially the physical form... this is where I became SUPER excited, and you couldn't tear me away from reading anything I could get my hands on about it.

'That's all great, but how does this relate to business?' I hear you ask...

... well one day, while having an emotional melt-down about my business, I asked myself the question 'What do I know really well?', and the answer was easy 'the Chakra System'. 

I then became curious again, what if the Chakra System could align to different areas of business? I ran inside my humble homestay studio in Ubud, Bali and started to link different business aspects to the chakras based on emotions felt.

And what do you know... it all fit perfectly. In fact, even your body will guide you to what area of your business you need to work on. Everything is connected, and when you can truly learn to listen to yourself from a conscious state, this is where life and business becomes exciting ~ as anything is possible.

Chakra Philosophy goes hand in hand with my Psychosomatic Therapy work, because every part of your body and feature of your face, relates to a different Chakra Energy.

The Chakra System was first documented in India,1500-500 B.C, and can be found in Hindu, Buddhism & Jainism teachings. It is not religious, rather the way I explain it, is that it's a framework those religions used for personal development. This is why it's referred to in yoga teachings & can be found in a number of other healing modalities.

As a young girl I was always curious about the Chakra System... however as I read about it, the teachings felt intangible because it was all energetic - you couldn't see what they were talking about. I would become frustrated and bored with learning about it because I couldn't see what they were talking about. It was all too conceptual. 


Institute of Entrepreneur Artistry...

Chakra Philosophy


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