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"I believe in a world of high frequency.

Imagine if everyone used a Healy as much as they used their mobile devices, fitness watches & monitors?... finally a technology accessible to everyone with deep vibrational wellbeing, freedom & transformation in mind.

A huge asset to any business involved in Health, Healing/Therapy, Fitness, Beauty or Personal Growth."

Melanie Midegs

Psychosomatic Therapist & Teacher of Chakra Philosophy


Join the Team 

As a Member of our community, not only do you get to use and feel the benefits of the Healy on a daily basis, but you open the door to creating a stream of income for yourself that can also support your family and friends. Just like many holistic health products, Healy uses an MLM model and provides one of the best compensation plans for introducing this product to others in your community. 

Healy is a subsidiary of the internationally operating TimeWaver group. Who's common vision is that all people should have the opportunity to live a holistically healthy life.

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Become A Member.

Be supported by the Healy in more ways than one. Create your sweet spot between wellbeing & sustainability to do more of what you love...

About Our Community

The #1 comment that I hear all the time, and that I've experienced myself, is the number of new and wonderful conscious human beings it has connected me to, who have the same vision of making this world a better place. We attract into our world people and experiences that match the vibration we hold, so you can imagine this community is very positive and willing to support each other to thrive.


Support & Events

There are a number of ways to stay connected to me and keep updated with the latest information from Healy. We offer in person events, online webinars and group discussions on WhatsApp, Telegram, FB Messenger & Facebook Groups. Below are more details of how to connect (please note that for some of these communities you need to be a Healy Member).

Membership & Marketing Support

Contact me for more details

Opportunities to both learn about and test the Healy & meet other Members

Healy Events In Bali Facebook Group

Support to help you every step of the way...




"We are at the leading edge, and the start of this new wave. Already widely spread throughout Europe - in 2020 the Healy has been introduced to not only the Australian market, but also the American market with record sales. This will go global and is just the beginning. It's such a huge opportunity to be part of a revolution that will change the world we live in." 

- Melanie Midegs

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