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with Melanie Midegs

Teacher of Chakra Philosophy & Facilitator of Conscious Conversation


"Conscious Conversation & Education is where transformation happens..."

~ Melanie Midegs

Teacher of Chakra Philosophy & Face Reader

About Face Reading

Face Reading is not a psychic reading or fortune telling tool... quite the opposite.

As a trained Psychosomatic Therapist (Psych = Mind, Soma = Body), I can read your body and share with you insights about your mind, body and emotion connection. 

What does this mean? Well... I've got news for you - your body is a complete reflection of your current emotional state and holds a huge amount of information about your zone of genius, personality traits and behaviour patterns.

While your mind can at times distort your truth, and your emotions can run ramped with these truths ~ your body cannot and will not lie. Even if you have the best poker face in the world, a Face Reading will cut through to what your zone of genius is, as well as what may be holding you back from living out your purpose.


Your body is constantly giving you feed back. I often look at the body as a compass, it's continually bring certain aspects of yourself to your attention via pain, dis-ease and through your facial features to assist you to live your true path.

If you are struggling to move forward in your business, or if you aren't enjoying your job or another area of your life, and wishing you had the confidence to go for something that you really loved ~ a Face Reading can help you to understand why things keep turning out a certain way, and then what to do to change the situation.

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Melanie's style of Face Reading is connected to your Chakra System, with each feature of your face relating to a different Chakra energy and area of your life.


It's not often that people experience being seen and understood on a deep level in a very short amount of time. Not only can a Face Reading session provide clarity with what's next for you, but it can also be a profound healing experience.


"I had a face reading with Mel and I had been waiting years for her to offer them again, so I jumped at the chance to have a session with her as soon as they became available. And oh boy it didn't disappoint.

To feel better about certain facial features due to their meaning, to finding out what each part represents - was so so interesting to me. The tips were super helpful and easy to implement. To have that validation from my face, about me, was indescribable! And definitely has made me even more mindful. 

Thank you Mel for such an incredible session. 

Anyone thinking of working with Mel - do it! You will not regret it.  Her gorgeous, gentle, yet tough energy is so so beautiful to be a part of."

Julia Van Der Sluys, Australia

Author, Soul Igniter & Angel Expert

The 'Face Split'

During the workshop we will deep dive into the features of your face, the over all shape, your chin, mouth, nose, eyes, cheek bones, eyebrows, forehead and ears... even your hairline will share insights about you. 

We will also look at the balance between your masculine and feminine energy. This is extremely enlightening!  More and more people are talking about their masculine and feminine energy these days... and your face is literally reflecting the balance between the two right back to you every time you look in the mirror.


Leave the workshop with your professional 'Face Split' photos printed on photography paper yours to keep & refer back to.

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The above is an example of a 'Face Split'. In a one:one sessions we don't take a photo like this because I can see the difference between the two, however in my workshops there will be an opportunity to explore the relationship between your masculine and feminine energy via a 'Face Split'. 

What is Masculine & Feminine Energy?

This has nothing to do with being a man or woman, as every human being has both of these energies. Each has their own qualities and when working together you will feel a sense of ease in life, enjoyment, purpose and fulfilment.

When they are not working together you will experience dis-ease, frustration, unhappiness, depression, or lack of direction.

Masculine Energy Traits:


~ Logic
~ Action
~ Structure
~ Giving

Feminine Energy Traits:

~ Emotions
~ Creativity
~ Flexibility
~ Receiving


"I was lucky enough to have a face reading with Mel when I was recently in Bali, and I took so much away from it. It clarified so much for me just in terms of what I am here to do. It solidified a few things and rather than just being a bit vague, has given me so much more direction. Also figuring out what has been stopping me so far and just how to work through that with myself and my business. Thanks Mel, you are just marvellous."

Jo Wilson, Australia
Branding Design & Illustrator

Your Teacher & Facilitator

Your world is a reflection of what's going on inside of you...

An avid lover of fresh coconuts and globe trotting, you will often find me in Bali, Indonesia. I'm a Teacher of Chakra Philosophy for Business & the Modern World. For over 6 years I have studied Anatomy & Physiology, Remedial Massage, Psychosomatic Therapy, Quantum Emotional Healing & Mindset modalities.


I love assisting my clients to become emotionally empowered to create businesses or a life that is in alignment with their passion, purpose and natural way of operating.

And I teach through my own life experiences.

I would describe my corporate years as navigating my way through a 'corporate jungle'. Always wanting to fit in, but a lot of the time feeling obligated to society and its pressures. In my 20's I battled with my own addictions in an attempt to feel good, until I woke up one morning and decided enough was enough.

My love for spirituality has always been there, however as I hit rock bottom I knew it was time to really begin understanding the mind, body and spirit.

Since then it has been a swinging pendulum life experience to find the balance between the material world and spiritual world. However I've never felt closer to getting that balance right then now.

As I can reach giddy heights of enlightenment, I'm also very good at keeping things grounded. I've been around the block many times, learning from many spiritual teachers, and have found so much personal growth through understanding the Chakra System.

I can assure you, that you don't need to become a hippy or a monk to incorporate this wisdom into your every day life.


After feeling trapped & emotionally detached while working in the corporate world, I said goodbye to my cubical in 2012. I now travel the world running my online business, enjoying time on a tropical island I've always dreamed of - all while serving humanity in a way that simply lights me up.

I believe anything is possible, and there is always a way.

Looking forward to sharing the life changing wisdom of the Chakra System with you.


Mel xo

Melanie Midegs

Teacher of Chakra Philosophy for Business & the Modern World

Facilitator of Conscious Conversations
Face Reader

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