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REAL STORY (Feb 2019):

I’m mid flight, cruising at high altitude of about 31,000ft between Singapore and Bali. Sitting snug in my widow seat, enjoying 90mins of complete solitude. My inflight entertainment movie of choice is ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.


I’m half watching it. The other half is trying to figure out a strategy for what’s next.

Inspiration is no where to be seen. Only logic. I feel heavy.


My mind is running through what I’m really good at, compared to what I’ve been told to do. I'm frustrated that I can help other people succeed, but I'm not seeing it myself. My body is so restless with the thought of doing more of the same without any type of real reward... I know I'm on path - but something needs to change.

Something needs to change within me.


Then it happened…


Listen to what Freddie Mercury says:


I stepped off that flight a changed woman.


I was thinking too small, and had forgotten who I was in the nitty-gritty details that the outside world continuously (it seems) wants me to focus on.​

As soon as I got home I did one of the boldest moves I'd ever made. I booked a Tour Manager.


9 months later I was standing on stage in front of 100's of people during what I now refer to as my '10 Day Speaking Tour'. It even included an offer of 5 Star Accommodation along the way... and the momentum it brought to my business was massive.


The Pivot is BIG and IMPORTANT.


And now... here we are in 2021.

What a blessing in disguise this time has been. In contraction and breakdown, creativity is born... when you know how to navigate it. 


I'm excited for the future - not just for me... but for anyone who sees the opportunity that's here to truly PIVOT. 

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