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Business Chakra System Workbook

Your go-to resource for Business Strategy & Emotional Empowerment.

Download the Business Base Chakra Section for FREE






- Business Planning Templates

- Emotional Empowerment Tools
- Face Reading: Understand Your Strengths

- Easy To Read Explanations

- Business Chakra Activities: Strategic & Energetic

for Yoga Teachers, Healers, Coaches
& Spiritual Mentors 

Do you struggle with Business Planning?

As a creative, humanitarian, business owner & spiritual being, you more than likely struggle with dry business templates and formulas.


You much rather feel into your business decisions, yet you also know that you need to learn more about the business world.  Listening to 6 or 7-Figure Business teachings bore the bejesus out of you... because quite simply

- you are not driven by money.

What's more important to you is creating a business that helps people, and one that means something to you.


First the Basics:

  • Start Up Struggles - how to overcome them.

  • About Your Chakra Energy System.

  • How Face Reading relates to your business.

Understand your behaviours to understand how to create the right business model for you.

Emotional Resistance Go To Chart:

  1. Find your emotion

  2. Connect it to the relevant Chakra

  3. Understand the area of business you need to focus on to shift the resistance

Emotions happen for a reason. They are like a compass showing you what aspect of your business to look at next.

An in-depth chapter dedicated to each Business Chakra:

  • Base Chakra: Foundation

  • Sacral Chakra: Branding

  • Solar Plexus: Product

  • Heart Chakra: Promotion

  • Throat Chakra: Communication

  • Brow Chakra: Leadership

  • Crown Chakra: Vision

Clear business concepts and strategy to follow for each Chakra Energy of your business. These are practical actions you need to take.



Why I created the Business Chakra System

I'm a creative & spiritual being from the inside out.

And this is why I've created The Business Chakra System, because I know how connected you are to your work.


This is your life's purpose, and there is no way you can reach your goals by following a 'business out of a box' formula.


You are a human, you have emotions... and I have good news - they will show you what to focus on next.

My earliest memories are of how I loved exploring the deeper meaning and connection between everything. As a young girl I was frustrated that I couldn't find the information I was looking for... but I knew it was out there.

20 years on I discovered Psychosomatic Therapy. It opened the door to the answers I knew existed and I became a practitioner.

These days, I use my training as a Psychosomatic Therapist to assist with my client's deep personal awareness. I then combine this with my love for creativity and marketing to assist with business development.

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