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Thought Leadership Content Retreat

Bali 24-29 JUNE 2019

For Business Owners who are ready to be seen as a Thought Leader

Hosted by Author & Award Winning Jo Johnson

The Content Coach


Meet Jo Johnson, The Content Coach.


Jo has spent 25 years working in the digital communications and marketing arena, and knows a thing or two about business storytelling. She's been running her own business for 8 years and slaved away for 18 years in corporates and SMEs. 


This retreat is your opportunity to learn all the incredible things she's learnt about running a business, content creation, digital marketing, storytelling, learning experiences, writing, community and thought leadership.

Jo has attended a number of retreats in her life, and facilitated/hosted more than half a dozen. So she know what works and what doesn’t. The ‘immersion therapy’ (as she likes to call it) is a powerful one, but the role of a facilitator shouldn’t be taken lightly, and Jo has designed this retreat experience exactly as she would love it to be as a guest. 


There’s plenty of listening and new learnings, but also plenty of time for action taking and implementing. There is rest time and play time as well. 

Are you ready to step up and be seen as the truly transformational leader you are?

with Special Guests

24-29 JUNE 2019


Maria Doyle, Teacher Trainer & Curriculum Developer

Retreat session: Systemising Your Thought Leadership Content

Maria is going to show you how to download your ideas and knowledge into a systemised content plan. She’ll talk about scaffolded learning, robust learning tools, and leveraging your content to scale your business. You’re going to get so much out of this one.


Melanie Midegs, Psychosomatic Therapist & Teacher of Chakra Philosophy for Business & the Modern World

Retreat session: Face Reading & Thought Leadership

In this session Melanie will explain what Face Reading is all about and how it fits into Thought Leadership, by understanding your zone of genius – particularly when it comes to communicating. We will briefly touch on Chakra Philosophy and what each feature of the face represents in terms of personality & behaviours.

Vision Villas Resort, Bali

24-29 JUNE 2019

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